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Allifide Merchant Group is located in Western New York with partners throughout the U.S.  Allifide is an independent consulting firm and an agent office for multiple I.S.O.’s of the largest payment processors in the nation. 


With numerous underwriting banks as well as countless hardware and software integrations, we have a solution for almost any business type.

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Allifide Merchant Group is a company founded on the principles of honesty, integrity and reliability.


Since our inception, Allifide has experienced an industry-low merchant attrition rate directly

attributed to our dedication to provide very competitive rates and fees along with unparalleled customer service.


We started Allifide as a result of needing to take credit cards as a form of payment for a painting company that we owned in 2008. We went to local banks, private sales reps and the internet, only to be told it was going to cost thousands of dollars to get started and no-one would tell us what the rates and fees would be.  They just said, "sign here." 


So, we decided to start a company in the credit card processing industry so that we could help business owners, including ourselves, understand the industry and the costs associated with taking electronic payments.

We pioneered a brand new concept to the industry, we call "honesty."

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Our focus has always been on helping businesses of all sizes through honesty, integrity and education.

We specialize in supporting merchant accounts for Retail, Restaurant, Service & Hospitality, Medical & Dental, eCommerce and the Accounts Receivable industries. 

Whether your business takes payments face-to-face, over the phone or on the internet, we're there for you.

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